Let's Role VTT

Play online using Let's role, a free-to-play browser-based virtual tabletop platform.

Let's Role is a web platform where you can easily create characters, campaigns and play with your friends. They offer a full-featured and free-to-play virtual tabletop platform that includes online character sheets, shareable journals, streaming music and shared video, maps with drawing and fog of war, as well as a dice roller with animated dice.

You can find the True World RPG on the Let's Role Shop

Main Sheet

The main sheet is used for characters and adversaries. It has repeating elements for skill sets, conditions, boosts, gear, hooks and notes.

Lite Sheet

The lite sheet is used for non-player characters and equipment. This sheet can also be used as an alternative for player characters depending on campaign type.

Card Sheet

The card sheet can be used for obstacles and other scene elements.

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