True World RPG


Character creation is freeform and allows players significant flexibility in creating characters that match their imagination.
Characters are defined by set of core elements that include skills, boosts, and gear.
  • Skills: A character's ability to perform tasks during game play is primarily determined by a combination of the breadth and depth of their skills. Players select and combine skills into Skill Sets. Skill sets are identified from a character's backstory and are used to identify the source and motivation behind a character's training to perform a function or job. As a character gains experience, Specializations allow a character to upgrade specific skills, within a skill set, to identify areas of expertise.
  • Boosts: Boosts enhance a character's ability using talents, powers, exceptional skill proficiency, or specialized gear, but they can only be used under certain conditions or come with a cost.
  • Gear: Gear includes the weapons, tools, and other personal items a character uses to accomplish tasks.
New Character Options
To support a wider variety of story genres and settings, the rules for Character Creation are defined as a game option with suggestions for starting characters at different tiers.
Background is a generic term that encompasses ancestry, lineage, heritage, species, and/or race. If a character's backstory identifies skills learned as part of a character's upbringing (such as being a Noble), they can choose to allocate one of their starting skill sets to skills acquired from their background. For tips on integrating a character’s background into a character design, refer to the Backgrounds guide found in the Toolkit section.
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