Rest and Recovery

Types of rest periods for characters to recuperate from the consequences of game play.

Rest and recovery are essential periods for characters to recuperate from the challenges they face during their adventures. There are three types of rest and recovery: Momentary, Extended and Downtime.


Momentary rests are a quick break taken during periods of conflict. They represent a character taking a time-out from a tense situation, catching their breath from physical exertion, or taking cover during combat. During a momentary rest, a character may perform a self-healing action like applying a bandage, or consuming medicine.

After taking a momentary rest, a character can recover 1 stress point and, if appropriate, clear a mild condition. A character may only gain this benefit once per scene.


An extended rest lasts from a few hours to a few days, but requires a safe environment free from conflict, where characters are only sleeping or performing light duties. Depending on the length of the rest, and available resources, characters can recover from stress, and heal conditions.

During an extended rest, characters can reduce their stress by 2 points for each hour of rest taken. They can also apply treatment to conditions depending on available resources. Treated conditions can be reduced by 1 point (and only 1 point) during each extended rest period reflecting that more serious conditions take time to heal.

Advanced healing or treatment options, such as seeking professional medical care, advanced medical technology, or supernatural healers may also be used if appropriate to the situation and environment.


Downtime is an extended rest that lasts from a few days to weeks, months or even years. Downtime normally occurs after a group completes a milestone and has an opportunity to withdraw from the field to a safe environment with readily accessible resources.

All stress is recovered, and all conditions can be removed. Downtime also allows characters to pursue personal objectives and side projects and seek advanced treatment options for lingering trauma.

Players can also revise character backstory hooks to reflect changes from recent game play or downtime activities.

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