Complex Tasks

A game mechanic used to support situations when characters need to perform a series of dependent actions together to complete a task.

Complex tasks are used when overcoming a challenge requires a series of actions, each contributing to the overall success or failure of the task. These tasks are often multifaceted and may require characters to tackle different aspects of a challenge to achieve their goal. For example, if a character is attempting to defuse a bomb, overcoming the challenge may require a series of actions, such as cutting the correct wires, disarming a timer, and handling any booby traps.

To handle a complex task, the director sets up a counter with the number of segments corresponding to the number of challenges related to the task. Each challenge represents a specific action the characters need to take. The characters then perform a series of actions, with the final result being determined by the collective success or failure of all the actions.

As the characters progress through the complex task, the director increments the counter to represent progress. Each successful action moves them closer to completing the task, while each failure might result in setbacks or complications.

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