Cut Scenes

A game mechanic used to support situations when players want to accomplish secondary objectives outside the current scene quickly.

Cut scenes in the game are a clever way for characters to efficiently pursue specific goals or objectives that would typically require an entire scene or longer to role-play.

When a character wants to accomplish a minor task or a smaller-scale secondary objective during game play (typically during downtime or rest periods), the director or players can initiate a cut scene to reduce the entire goal and activity down to an action.

Cut scenes can be used for a variety of purposes:

  • Information Gathering: Players can quickly gather information, conduct research, or interact with NPCs to learn critical details.

  • Alliances and Contacts: Characters can establish relationships, make deals, or forge alliances during downtime.

  • Minor Quests: Resolve smaller tasks or missions that contribute to the characters' personal or group objectives.

  • Training and Practice: Characters can train in skills, gain new abilities, or practice techniques to enhance their capabilities.

  • Crafting and Creation: Describe the process of creating items, potions, or gear without roleplaying every step.

  • Personal Development: Explore characters' inner thoughts, motivations, and reflections on recent events.

  • Travel and Exploration: Condense long journeys or explorations, providing highlights and significant encounters.

  • Backstory Flashbacks: Dive into characters' pasts, revealing key events that shaped their personalities and goals.

  • Resource Management: Determine resource acquisition, maintenance, and management for the group.

  • Parallel Action: Show simultaneous events happening elsewhere in the world that impact the characters' story.

Cut scenes are ideal for resolving tasks without delving into the minutiae. They help players make meaningful progress on a character's personal goals and ambitions without consuming significant game time.

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