Group Tasks

A game mechanic used to support situations when coordination between characters is required to complete a task.

Group tasks occur when accomplishing a task requires the coordinated effort of multiple characters. Group tasks differ from normal teamwork in that each character in a group task must perform their specific individual actions successfully, and possibly in a specific order, to complete a singular task.

Group tasks are similar to Complex Tasks with the exception that each segment of the counter is being performed by a separate character rather than a single character over multiple subsequent turns.

Types of Group Tasks

Group tasks should be used when performing the task could not be accomplished by a single character acting alone. Some examples of group tasks include:

  1. Large Vehicle or Vessel Maneuver: Coordinating helm, weapons, and engineering to evade an incoming asteroid field while returning fire at hostile ships.

  2. Ritual Casting: Performing a complex ritual to unlock the power of a magical artifact, where characters must chant, perform symbols, and protect the ritual space from intruders.

  3. Infiltration: Sneaking into a heavily guarded facility, with characters using their different skills like disguise, hacking, and combat to avoid detection and access restricted areas.

  4. Siege Defense: Defending a fortified city against a large enemy force, where characters need to manage defenses, support troops, and repair damaged fortifications.

  5. Space Salvage: Exploring a derelict spaceship to salvage valuable technology, with characters working together to navigate dangerous environments, disarm traps, and retrieve the loot.

  6. Scientific Research: Conducting a complex scientific experiment, where characters must collaborate to set up equipment, analyze data, and troubleshoot any anomalies.

  7. Epic Performance: Putting on a grand musical or theatrical performance, where characters need to rehearse their roles, manage stage effects, and captivate the audience with their talents.

Performing a Group Task

To perform a group task, each character assumes a specific role relevant to the task. The director sets a challenge rating for each player's task, considering the difficulty of their individual actions within the context of the group task.

Each player then performs their own action roll, attempting to overcome their specific challenge. The outcome and effect of each action roll is then combined by the director to determine the combined outcome, effect and consequences of the group task. Successes from one player may compensate for failures from others, and vice versa.

Group tasks encourage teamwork and cooperation among players, as characters must rely on each other's strengths and skills to achieve success.

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