How to create non-player characters that represent vehicles, vessels and other complex equipment.

Equipment in the game system is modeled as non-player characters, representing vehicles, vessels, computer systems, industrial machinery, or robotics.

Equipment Capabilities

A common requirement for modeling equipment is providing a collection of interfaces that player characters can manipulate to access information or activate features. To better support these requirements, non-player characters representing equipment should use the Lite Characters option found in the Toolkit section.

Status and Condition

The same health indicators used to represent the health and well-being of normal characters can also be used for equipment.

  • Stress: Assign stress points to represent the equipment's condition and operational status. Maximum stress could indicate a failed essential part but doesn't always mean complete failure.

  • Grit: Grit points are a representation of the capacity to operate the equipment beyond its regular limits for short periods of time. These points can be utilized to boost moves and enhance the equipment's performance. Essentially, grit serves as a fuel to power up the equipment and push it to its limits.

  • Conditions: Operational damage to equipment or systems can be recorded by conditions, which may impede or disable specific functions (moves).

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