True World RPG


Modular rules and mechanics that allow customization of the core game system.
The core rules and mechanics offer a comprehensive and playable game system. To cater to the requirements of different genres, settings, campaign types, and player preferences, the game includes a small set of modular rules that support common customization options.
  • ​Character Creation: The character creation options provide guidance and sample starting tiers to customize new character's power levels.
  • ​Dangerous Encounters: The "Dangerous Encounters" option modifies the dice mechanics to increase the difficulty of in-game actions.
  • ​Death's Door: The "Death's Door" option allows groups or individual players to choose how to handle situations where a character may be taken out of a scene or die.
  • ​Initiative: Initiative refers to methods used to determine the player turn order during game sessions. This game option provides some guidance and popular initiative method choices.
  • ​Moves: A simplified method of defining characters and equipment.
  • ​Standard Turn: The standard turn defines the core rules regarding what a character is allowed to do during a single turn within a round.
Groups are encouraged to review game options during Session Zero.