A modular rule that describes how groups determine the turn order between characters. Groups are encouraged to customize this rule to fit the story or group preferences.

Initiative method is used to determine the order in which players interact during game play, and characters complete their turns during scenes. An initiative method can be used to establish the turn order at the beginning of a session, a scene, or a round.

There are many alternative forms of initiative that can shift control of the turn order between the director, the players, or random chance.

Spotlight Initiative

The default initiative system in the game called spotlight or narrative initiative. Using the spotlight initiative method, the director takes the role of managing and controlling a metaphorical spotlight, directing the focus to an individual player when it is time to perform their turn.

Turn order is typically determined by fictional positioning of the characters relative to the current situation but can also be influenced by player requests. Spotlight initiative prioritizes ordering the action to best support the narrative and create a fun and engaging story.

Player Initiative

Player initiative grants players control over the turn order. Players have the opportunity to decide among themselves the order in which they want their characters to act. They can discuss strategies, coordinate actions, and prioritize their turns based on the situation and their characters' abilities. This collaborative approach encourages teamwork and allows players to work together to create more effective or dynamic sequences to character actions.

For example, in a combat encounter, the players might decide that the character with healing abilities should go first to provide support to injured allies. Then, the character with high damage-dealing abilities might go next to take down a powerful enemy. The player with stealth skills might choose to go last to set up a surprise attack from the shadows.

Player initiative prioritizes teamwork, collaboration and strategy.

Rolled Initiative

Rolled initiative uses random chance to determine the turn order. In this system, each player rolls a die (typically a d20 or a d100) at the beginning of the combat to determine their initiative score. The higher the roll, the earlier the player's character gets to act in the turn order.

Rolled initiative adds an element of randomness and excitement as the turn order is not predetermined and can vary from scene to scene or even round to round. It also requires players to be quick on their feet, as they must react to the changing circumstances of each situation based on their initiative score.

Rolled initiative prioritizes being random and unpredictable, potentially increasing the difficulty of each challenge, and making it even more important for groups to work together to adapt strategy to the randomness of the turn order.

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